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Once again, a young couple hired us to design and build a beautiful ADU for their 83-year-old parents. They contacted us after they had hired and paid an engineer and a contractor with which they had to part ways. Unfortunately, we had to tear out all of the underground utilities as they were non-code complaint and actually dangerous. Unfortunately, the plans they paid others to create were useless, every dimension was incorrect, and the drawings were not the floor plan they had asked for.


Hence, we commenced providing architectural and engineering assistance ASAP. We designed exactly what they had dreamed of for their little cottage and negotiated with the city appeals department to allow for items that deviated from the code but were for the best of our client and we were granted our requests. While we built this unit, we upgraded the electrical and gas service to the main house that was built in 1880. The finishes for this ADU are all custom made by our craftsmen, top of the line. We were even able to save and refurbish an original stain glass window that we found in the basement and locate it in the gable wall at the entrance. The project was completed in just 100 days.


"After a horrible experience with an unprofessional engineer, we finally got plans approved by the city to convert our garage into an accessible ADU for my elderly parents. Joe picked up the project, and did an amazing job correcting the mess he was given. His team fixed multiple issues with the original plans, negotiated with the city, and spent tons of time chatting with my very particular parents to try to make their home just the way they wanted it. Their “cottage” is gorgeous, and I only wish we had know about Joe and used his team from the beginning."

 - Alex Lanham

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