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"Modern New Construction"

The original home was 1100 sq. ft., but we removed the home and designed and built a 4400 sq. ft., 6 bed, and 6 bath modern home. Each bathroom and kitchen have custom designed cabinets using exotic woods; each is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


  • The counters are granite, quartz, and smooth acrylic concrete.

  • All of the doors are clear douglas fir, as well as the hardwood flooring. 

  • Other floorings used are honed slate, marble, and high-strength concrete finished to look like Venetian plaster with various metals and aggregates troweled in for a smooth, modeled look. 

  • We installed an Infinity 9'x4' tub in the master bathroom that supplies water from an aerated water line at the ceiling.

  • We also installed a see-through fireplace with clear glass stones in the fire trough. 

  • The roof is a complete living space with outdoor kitchen and colored concrete floor. 

  • The exterior is of smooth stucco with copper metal flashing, expansion joints, and a copper water feature inset into the wall at the entry porch.

  • The windows are Milgard fiberglass, exterior doors are wood with fiberglass cladding outside.


This is a cool modern, green, smart home.


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